NTC 2012 Cool Kids
The last four years I have had the pleasure of attending the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC). Every year I am ever impressed by the powerful work people are doing and the amount of ingenuity with which they attack their work.  With these leanings comes a great opportunity to share out some of these tools and tips. 

The following tips mostly came out of a fantastic session for marketers and fundraisers moderated by Kivi Leroux MillerFarra Trompeter, Katya Andresen, and Nancy Schwartz. As if that is not impressive enough the amount of knowledge and sharing the room was beyond impressive as well.

Here are just a few from day one of the conference today in no particular order or grouping.

Story Arches

This is the idea that you lay out a timeframe, say three months, and identify what the end story is that you want to have told by the end.  This allows you to map out an editorial calendar and overall plan for how to deliver the story.  It also builds in some flexibility so that along the way you can adjust the speed and story elements to fit with the real-time context rather then rigid pre-set expectations that may or may not have been accurate.
A great tool for monitoring multi-channels in social media in one convenient location. Hat tip to Debra Askanase on this one.

Free and sharable task management system that allows for commenting, mobile access and more.
Group messaging so you can connect via mobile but not loose the thread.

Excited to dig in and learn even more on day two.

Are you attending? What did you learn from day one or what super tip/tool did you share?

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