NTEN 10 by 100

Many of you may have heard that NTEN is running a community lead fundraising initiative this year. However, you may not be aware that I am one of their Champions and have set a target for myself of raising $1,000. In an effort to role model and really let the community own this initiative I have decided to try for a 10 x 100 approach.

10 x 100

To demonstrate the impact this community can have collectively in reaching their goals I am asking for a $10 donation from 100 people. It's that simple.


Added Incentives To Give

Donations at any level are greatly appreciated. So to show I'm all in here are a few added incentives:

  • $10 = Unending appreciation
  • $50 = Signed copy of Social Media Road Map
  • $100 = Free 1hr phone consultation
  • $500 = Flowers sent to your house (not kidding)
  • $1,000 = Carl Kasell on your voicemail (Not really, but I will do my best impression)


On top of all this your donations will support:

  • NTEN Membership Scholarships
  • NTC Conference Scholarships
  • Support for global network of Tech Clubs
  • Development of new programs and resources for NTEN's growing community


Support the 10 x 100 campaign now

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