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This week the Social Media for Nonprofits Conference series landed in Seattle. From the rock concert feel of the opening video to the great personal connections you make at the reception at the end of the day this event is well worth your time. I am always grateful for the opportunity to present alongside the likes of Zan McColloch-Lussier of Food Lifeline and James Rooney of Microsoft Citizenship & Public Affairs

While I learned a lot from the many talented presenters as always there were a few key things I took away that I am already trying to incorporate into my own personal efforts.


Using Personas

Peter Drury walked us through how his organization created and continuously use personas to help define and focus their social media activities. They know they are not trying to reach everyone on Facebook, they are trying to reach “Sarah” and they have defined exactly who she is. Certainly a bit of work upfront to define your target personas but it makes your work and efforts so much more meaningful going forward.


The Right Dashboard

Holly Ross of NTEN helped us walk us through a great breakdown of how dashboard(s) are important tools. Yes, the “s” was very intentional.  She gave a clear breakdown of the three types of dashboards organizations should be using: Listening, Production and Measurement. Each with a different focus and purpose in supporting your social media efforts. I especially appreciated the reality check that deep data analysis still requires some manual effort.


Now I See

Noland Hoshino with (B)Cause Media did a great job of talking the talk as he shared an eye-popping presentation about Visual Content Marketing. Not only did he share examples and data but a few tools that were even new to me.  Recite This is definitely a tool I will be exploring and sharing out with others. The biggest tip here was to “Chunk” things like infographics. Instead of one long image people have a hard time digesting break it into smaller pieces. Fantastic idea for re-purposing content which is something we could all get better at.


In addition to all the great conversations and opportunities to learn from others I got the chance to present on “Don’t Just Do It, Do It Well! Process and Management of Social Media Efforts”. Sharing some tips, tricks and tools to deal with some of the most challenging areas nonprofits face when it comes time to stop planning and start doing.


Additional Goodies
Be sure to explore these resources to get an more in-depth take on the day and conference series as a whole.

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