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We have all heard and understand that the most important thing a nonprofit organization can do is tell a meaningful story. We also know images can be a powerful part of that story. However, have you considered how the increasing role of images within our daily lives is affecting that relationship. The Visual Storytelling Guide from Resource Media help put it into perspective for me.

“Ten percent of all photographs in the history of photography were made last year”

Multi-media social platforms like Facebook and Instagram along with the incredible advancements in cell phone camera technology have made images a constant and steady part of our daily communication. As a nonprofit organization it is important to understand how to effectively get your story as part of the visual stream of communication.

This guide offers many practical tips with easy to follow examples and insights. Some of my favorite tips include:

  • Don’t make assumptions, test images on your audience
  • Visuals are the most powerful tool to evoke emotion
  • Ensure the image matches the message
  • Be genuine, not generic

Effectively telling your organization’s story is one the most powerful ways you can connect with supporters, share the impact they can be a part of and open the door for a relationship with your organization.

You can get the Visual Storytelling Guide here. Be warned, you need to share your info to download.

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