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Last week I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop focused on how Arts organizations can make strategic use of the social media in efforts to build engaged communities.

During the workshop there was a lot of active discussion and a number of questions that came up that serve as helpful reminders.


Facebook Groups

With the ever increasing slant Facebook is making towards promoted posts and ads as the way to gain visibility facebook groups were a hot topic. By taking the focus off your brand and making it the community there is great opportunity to foster engagement in a very transparent manner that appealed to a lot of participants.


QR Codes

One participant brought up how they had used QR codes in the past and were thinking about using them again. I asked them “Did the QR code link to a mobile optimized web page?” Their response was “Well, I don’t really know. I never checked”

The key, and often times failure of QR codes is that they must be connected to a mobile optimized destination. The very nature of the QR code assumes a user is on a mobile device.


Arts Organization Examples

When developing your own strategies it can always be helpful to look at some groups who are currently do it well. Here are a few examples of Arts organizations that we could all learn a little something from and what they do especially well.


Contemporary Jewish Museum


  • Great use of images and videos (Flickr in particular)
  • Cross promotion of channels
  • Share others resources


Seattle Opera


  • iTunes podcast
  • Clever Twitter lists
  • YouTube “Behind The Scenes”


Brooklyn Museum


    • Integration of social channels with their website
    • Community the focus of efforts
    • Clear opportunities and demonstrated impact for engagement


Diablo Ballet


  • “Live Tweeting” seating during shows
  • Branded Pinterest channel
  • YouTube channel


What are some of your favorite examples of Arts organizations doing amazing things in the social space?

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