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The recent feature updates to our MOD-Mail tool served as a nice reminder that technology is only as effective as how it is used. Here are a few email related “Good Reads” to help inform your strategy and planning related to upcoming email campaigns.


Why The Rise in Mobile Email Could Hurt Nonprofits
Informative article with some good data looking at how the rise of mobile as the platform for engaging email marketing can have a negative impact for many nonprofits. Spoiler alert, the risk is largely for those organizations sending emails that are not mobile friendly.
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Turning Lame Thank You Letters into Donor Delight
While the main intent of the article seems to be talking about good old fashion paper Thank You letters the tips just as easily translate to informing how you follow-up with donors via email after a donation or major campaign.
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Common Rookie Mistakes
A helpful guide from the folks at MailChimp looking at some of the most common mistakes made by folks just getting started with email marketing. Useful read for those new to this role or just ramping up these efforts at your nonprofit.
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We would love to hear about some of your “Good Reads”. Leave a comment and share your favorite resources.

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