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Have you ever wished that email marketing materials would simply write themselves? Better yet, that once they were written they would schedule and send themselves? We have as well and over the past year have been exploring, experimenting and implementing a few solutions to make this dream come true utilizing RSS and our bulk email tool.


The Receipt

The approach is pretty straight forward. Use your blog content that is produced on a regular schedule (curated articles, user generated content, etc can also work as source content) and create an RSS feed for it. That feed is then pulled into an RSS template that you have polished the design on within your bulk email tool. Set the schedule to Daily/Weekly/Monthly and you’re done.

Whatever the schedule, new content published within the scheduled period will automatically be included. You can format whether to include lead-in copy, show full articles, teasers only with a link, etc. Each email service will have some slightly different options.

This video from Campaign Monitor does a nice job of visually showing the process.

You can also get a more indepth look at how to set this type of campaign up in this Mailchimp Guide.


Tips for Use

Schedule Wisely: Set the schedule so that it provides a good level of quality new content on a regular basis

Personalize: Although the automation is part of beauty for this solution there is the possibility to customize a lead in message prior to the automated content to make the email that much more personal.

Curate: Some of the platforms will allow you to curate which posts are pulled through. So instead of just sharing the 5 most recent posts you can share the top 5 most engaged posts and put your best content forward.


Getting Creative

One creative way we played with this solution was for the automatic creation of an internal newsletter. Using a tool like Instapaper we were able to collect relevant and interesting articles in a specific folder. This folder then allowed an RSS feed to be generated and once a week our internal “Good Reads” newsletter would go out to the whole team.

Curious to see how this works? Use the “Subscribe to the Blog” feature to the right and see how we implement use this ourselves.

Have you tried this solution yet? If you have any tips or tricks we would love to hear about them in the comments.

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