I love it when a plan comes together

Social Media Road MapSaying this line along with Hanibal at the end of every A-Team episode backed up by that peppy theme song is great visual of me as a kid. I loved to scheme and make a plan and even more so loved to see it all come together.  While many things have changed over the years as I grew up that love of scheming and the thrill of a plan coming together never faded. In fact, helping that happen for others has become the main focus of my adult life.

That is why when I got the opportunity to work with Noland Hoshino of [B]Cause Media and Zan McColloch-Lussier of Mixtape Communications on a SMOBook project I immediately heard the theme song starting up in the background.

The result is no less spectacular then that moment in every episode of the A-Team when a jeep would run into a tuft of grass and suddenly the grass would explode (in classic flour bomb style) and throw the jeep in cork screw fashion.

Social Media Road Map

I am happy to announce the release of the Social Media Road Map.  A concise and focused workbook to walk you through the process of developing a social media strategy for your organization or company.  This book is the result of more efforts than just the three of us.  It would not be as refined as it is without the help of many others through their feedback and support. Thank you to all.

Social Media Road Map Thank You

What It Is

  • Focused |  Builds your foundation for solid processes and knowledge of social media strategy
  • Workbook | Intended to allow you to dig in rather than just read (like all those blog posts out there)
  • Approachable | Intended to be used by those getting serious about strategy
  • Affordable | Cost less then probably 15 mins of an hourly consultant's time

What It Is Not

  • Endorsed by the A-Team, NBC or any of its affiliates
  • An academic read with information but no opportunity for practice
  • Too big to fit in your pocket

How To Get It

Social Media Road Map at SMOBooks

Social Media Road Map on Amazon

Share The Feedback

We are always open to feedback on what worked and what could be improved in the next version.  Feel free to let us know either way what your experience was at the following places:

  • On Twitter using the #smobooks hashtag
  • By giving us a rating on Amazon
  • By sharing in the comments below
  • Let us know if you do a write up on it somewhere so we can read up on your reactions
  • Sending an email to me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Let us know what you think.  Did you find it useful? Do you know anyone who could use it?

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