My New Commute

I am happy to announce that this process nerd has found a new place to roam.  I'm excited to be joining the team over at Minds On Design Lab out of Brooklyn NY.  Just like the song says " Now we're up in the big leagues, Gettin' our turn at bat."  It also says "Fish don't fry in the kitchen; Beans don't burn on the grill" and that really has nothing to do with my new job so take this metaphor only so far folks.

What Do They Do

The Minds On Design Lab (MOD-Lab) team have been working on designing and implementing high quality interactive technology solutions for years now.  I first heard about them a few years ago and was instantly a fan of their work with groups like MOUSE Inc, The Partnership at Drugfree.org and Tribeca Film Institute. While there are lots of folks out there that build websites and custom applications finding folks as committed and passionate about the work they do and the impact it has is a rarity.  I know, a good place to be right?

I also became a fan of their work and commitment to the nonprofit community at large when they presented at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in 2011 with Debra Askanase on Social websites. You can learn more (and even contribute) at the Get Social Blog.

What Do You Do

Adding me to the team meant adding a new position and with that always comes bit of unknown.  What is known is that a background as a process nerd, being a "people person who understands technology" and obsessed with how technology can help create good in the world might have something to do with my new job.

That Seems Like A Long Commute

My days as a telecommuter just got extended.  In fact, I couldn't get a longer telecommute unless I split it between multiple countries and/or continents.  Good news is the interwebs don't care where I live and where I work. In fact, Google couldn't be happier that I have to spend more time on their Internet.  I fully expect a fruit basket from them. I know they have them (I saw the ads) and they do know where I live.

Ash Shepherd Google Gift

I am looking forward to everything that comes next with a great group of people and I think the best way to sum up this next adventure is how I described it to my 3 yr old when she asked me what I do at my new job.

I help people...with my computer...from our house.

What Others Are Saying

As an employee for The Nature Conservancy in Washington, I sought out Ash's guidance for a special event - our 50th anniversary in Washington state. We wanted to help all of our members experience this event, even if they couldn't come. Ash helped us plan and execute our first ever "live-tweeted" event.

He provided expert advice and enthusiasm, and followed up with an analysis of our use of social media at the event and how it could be better next time. I was pleased to work with Ash - he has a great reputation among nonprofits in the Seattle area, and he lived up to it!

~Katherine Sather, Digital Marketing Specialist, The Nature Conservancy of Washington~

Social Media Road Map

Social Media Road Map 

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