A few weeks ago I did a presentation for PDXTech4Good.  It is a local all volunteer group that is a combination of the NetTuesday and 501 Tech Clubs that meets on a monthly basis to look at the role and impact technology and new media can have in creating positive social change in our community.  The presentation focused on online tools that nonprofits and general do-gooders could use to help further their efforts in a manner that is free or low cost.  I thought it might be helpful to share the presentation and resources in case other may find it useful.

A Few Things To Note

The Spectrum

It is fully understood that there is a spectrum of integration for online tools out there.  The spectrum ranges from standalone to fully integrated.  While fully integrated is the ultimate dream we all strive and hope for many small organizations or do-gooders need a way to just get started.  It is for those folks that this presentation was targeted.

Spectrum of Integration


The format of the presentation to to describe an area, why it is important, highlight some example tools and finally look at some key decision points around how to pick which tool best suites your needs. Short amount of time in these monthly meetings so intended to be a top level view of the items and tools.  The best part was the indepth discussions we had after the short presentation.


{slideshare}[slideshare id=6745120&doc=online-tool-utilization-1-25-11-110129091652-phpapp02]{/slideshare}

Resource Links

Bulk Email Tools


Photo Editing

Video Editing

Online Collaboration

Gems you did not know you needed to know about

What other tools would you add to the list? Are there other criteria you would suggest for folks?

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What Others Are Saying

Ash Shepherd is a wonder! I hired him to present a workshop on "Social Networking and Risk Management" at a national conference in Seattle and he soared. His information was interesting and useful and delivered with humor and style. His presentation skills and outgoing personality made our collection of national nonprofits serving the burn community sit up and take notice. I only wish I was planning another event in the Northwestern area so I had the opportunity to work with Ash again! He's terrific.

~Scott Vandrick, Executive Director, Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation~

Social Media Road Map

Social Media Road Map 

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